Section 144 extended in Baloda Bazar until midnight on June 20 following violence and arson incidents

To maintain law and order in the Baloda Bazar municipal area, the Collector and District Magistrate have extended Section 144 until midnight on June 20. This decision follows the violent incidents and arson that occurred in the Collectorate premises on June 10.
Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, was initially implemented from 9 PM on June 10 to midnight on June 16. In light of ongoing concerns, Collector and District Magistrate Mr. Deepak Soni, using the powers conferred under Section 144 (1) and (2) of the Code, issued an order to extend the duration of the enforcement.

\Restrictions under Section 144
The extended Section 144 imposes the following restrictions to ensure peace in the Baloda Bazar municipal area:
Prohibition of Rallies and Processions: All rallies and processions are completely prohibited until further notice.
Restriction on Group Entry: Entry of groups of five or more people from other districts or external individuals into the Baloda Bazar municipal area is restricted.
Ban on Weapons: No individual is allowed to carry weapons such as swords, axes, spears, sticks, knives, daggers, tridents, khukris, or any other arms in public places. Exceptions are made for individuals on official duty who are permitted to carry weapons while on duty.
Special Provisions for the Elderly and Differently-Abled: Elderly and differently-abled individuals who are unable to walk without a stick are allowed to use sticks.
These measures are crucial to prevent further disturbances and to maintain peace in the region. The authorities have urged the public to cooperate fully with the imposed restrictions to ensure safety and order in Baloda Bazar.

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