Raipur Development Authority offers rebates to defaulters for lumpsum payments before March 31, 2023.

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Raipur Development Authority is offering a rebate to defaulters who deposit a lump sum amount in various schemes before March 31, 2023. The most considerable outstanding amounts are from Bombay Market, Boriyakhurd, Hirapur, Raipura, and Transport Nagar Ranwabhatha. Depositing a lump sum amount can result in significant relief for the allottees. The surcharge amount is increasing due to non-payment of regular payments. Depositing a lump sum can save allottees a considerable sum, as seen in the example of the Bombay Market where a savings of Rs 1.24 crore can be achieved. The authority is offering a 50% and 30% discount on lump sum payments until March 31, which has led to a surge in people taking advantage of this opportunity. RDA’s CEO has appealed to all those with outstanding fees to take advantage of this opportunity.

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