Protest continues at Konher Garden against deforestation at Hasdeo.

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In Bilaspur, citizens have been staging a sit-in in the local Konher Garden for the last 139 days. Chandrapradeep Bajpayee and Prathameshsavita have started a fast unto death till the deforestation to protest against the deforestation of Hasdeo. Citizens continued to visit the picket site throughout the day. Anger is spreading among the citizens regarding the harvesting of Hasdeo. Prathmesh says that the Congress government of the state has failed in its responsibility to protect the tribals and forests, and it will have to bear the consequences. The people of the state are very seriously understanding the loss of environment and irrigated area due to deforestation of Hasdeo and have decided to teach a lesson to the people responsible for it.

Chandrapradeep Bajpai says that if the government does not withdraw its order, the movement will take a more massive form, which may be difficult for the government to handle. All the agitators present demanded the government to immediately stop the felling of trees and cancel the forest permission.

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Hundreds of citizens took out a candle march from Konher Garden to River View; many women of village Lokhandi participated in the candle march. In the candle march, citizens marched to River View, raising slogans and demanding that Hasdeo stop deforestation. Citizens paid homage by observing two minutes of silence on the felling of trees. His people expressed their views and sang songs regarding the harvesting of Hasdeo.

The members present at the protest site today are mainly Saket Tiwari, Satmeet Singh, Chandrapradeep Bajpai, Amit Vasudev, Ratish Srivastava, Yogesh Gupta, Pawan Pandey, Nilotpal Shukla, Aseem Tiwari, Rakesh Khare, Sandeep Gupta, Navdeep Arora, Prakash Sonthalia, Kiranpal Chawla. , Shreyansh Budhia, Mahmood Hasan Rizvi, Pradeep Narang, Nand Kashyap, Priyanka Shukla, Anilesh Mishra, Dr. Rashmi Budhia, Jitendra Sahu, Raju Sahu, Rajesh Khare etc.

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