Police lathi charge during a public hearing. ADM assures investigation of the matter.

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In the public hearing of the ACC plant held in Loharsi, the police lathi-charged the protesting villagers. Although, the ADM has categorically denied the lathi charge order. Women police officers refrained from saying anything when there was an incident like a lathi charge. District Congress President Vijay Kesharwani said that the lathi charge incident is condemnable. But we want to tell Adani that Masturi will not be sold.

Vijay Kesharwani targeted the local BJP MLA Dr Krishnamurthy Bandhi fiercely. He stated that he was aware that the EIA report was incorrect. Despite this, the villagers’ property is being auctioned off. Under no circumstances will the ACC plant be allowed to open.

The villagers stirred at the ACC plant’s public hearing held in Loharsi. Villagers protested against public hearings and the ACC plant.

Congress District President Vijay Kesharwani said that the MLA is sleeping while the villagers are fighting business giants like Adani. The Congress party and the state government are with the villagers.

Vijay Kesharwani said that the historical Dindaneshwari temple is just four kilometres from the proposed plant. Opening the plant will hurt the temple. There is an acute shortage of water in Masturi. Where the plant will get water is not mentioned. It is recorded in the government report that the land on which the plant will be ready is fertile. But in the EIA report, the land has been described as barren. Here thousands of deer and hundreds of pigs live in the forests of Dipadih, Bharari, and Bhurkunda. Surprisingly, the EIA report makes no mention of this. The Congress leader also condemned the lathi charge incident.

As per ADM AR Kuruvanshi, The public hearing got postponed due to public outrage. The public complains that the EIA report contains inaccurate information. The report will go to the Ministry of the Environment. He also said that there was no order for the lathi charge.

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