‘Mukhyamantri Dai-Didi Clinic’: Over 1.32 lakh women received free medical care

Raipur: Through the Mukhyamtri Dai-Didi Mobile Clinics, around 1776 camps have been organized so far in the state. Through Dai-didi clinic camps held close to their homes, 1.33 lakh women and girls who reside in slums of Raipur, Bilaspur, and Bhilai Municipal Corporation regions have received treatment.

Meanwhile, Chhattisgarh government’s Urban Administration and Development Department oversees the Mukhyamantri Dai-Didi Clinic Yojana. Under the scheme, a team of women doctors and women staff arrive in the vehicle of Dai-Didi Clinic’s mobile medical unit and treat needy women and girls for various diseases free of cost.

Lab tests of 24, 146 women were done by these mobile medical units and free medicines were given to 1.27 lakh women. As a result, these hard-working, poor-slum-dwelling women who previously were unable to receive treatment due to time constraints or a variety of other factors are now able to do so close to their homes with the assistance of female doctors and medical personnel.

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