Korba Police is conducting action and public awareness campaigns against illegal drugs under Nijat.

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Korba. Superintendent of Police Korba Santosh Singh is leading an anti-drug campaign in the district called “Nijat.” The police are taking several actions against illegal drug dealers in this regard. In addition, as part of Nijat Abhiyan’s public awareness campaign, all police stations in charge are educating the public about drugs. All police station in-charges were encouraged to stay away from illegal intoxicants by displaying banner posters related to the Nijata Abhiyan in all Ganesh pandals throughout the district during the Ganesh festival, informing devotees about the harm caused by drugs. Along with this, the folk artists who participated in the colourful programme organised by Ganesh Utsav Samiti expressed their support for the “Nijat” campaign run by Korba Police by informing the audience on stage about the anti-drug campaign. There has been an appeal. This appeal is also having a positive impact. Korba police are running a continuous campaign to motivate them to stay away from drugs, which will continue in the future.

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