High Court Chief Justice Expresses Concerns Over PSC Scam, Seeks Clarity on Appointments

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During a hearing on the PSC scam in Bilaspur, Chief Justice Ramesh Sinha displayed a stern stance today. In a viral video of the proceedings, the Chief Justice can be heard suggesting a halt to the appointments of the individuals involved. However, it’s important to note that this statement does not constitute an official court order.

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The next hearing is scheduled for tomorrow morning. The case pertains to a petition filed by former minister Nankiram Kanwar, with Advocate Sanjay Aggarwal representing him. Some specific information has been requested from the petitioner, and the court will reconvene tomorrow to continue the proceedings.

The viral video captures Chief Justice Sinha expressing his concerns about the appointment process. He noted the apparent coincidence of close relatives of the PSC Chairman and Secretary being selected for positions. When the Chief Justice asked about the absence of the PSC Chairman as a party in the case, Kanwar’s lawyer clarified the constitutional nature of the PSC Chairman’s post under Article 315.

The Chief Justice opted to postpone issuing an order until the following day, pending further information on the status of the appointments. The order will be issued once the court has received clarification during tomorrow morning’s hearing.

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