Congress Faces Major Defeat in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, Calls for New Leadership

The Congress party has suffered a significant defeat in the Lok Sabha elections in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, with several prominent leaders, including the former Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, losing their seats. This has sparked discussions about major organizational changes within the party.
Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tankha emphasized the need for new leadership in both states during an interview with Dainik Bhaskar in Raipur. “I believe both states need introspection and young leadership. Today, 65% of the world’s population is young. In a way, the world has changed,” Tankha stated.

“The new world is full of bright students, energetic people, and good professionals. All of them should be connected with our party. This will create a new Congress and a new state, whether it is Madhya Pradesh or Chhattisgarh,” he added.

Regarding potential changes in the Chhattisgarh Congress organization, Tankha mentioned, “I don’t have any such information at the moment. This is a decision for the high command, but I believe that after any election, there is self-inspection in every party, and this will happen in Congress as well.”

Despite the defeat, Tankha highlighted that Congress performed well in the Lok Sabha elections nationwide, increasing its seats from 54 to 99. “There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm for Congress across the country, and most importantly, democracy has returned to this country. It is a victory for democracy,” he remarked.
Following the CWC meeting on June 8 in Delhi, the PCC is expected to hold a review meeting in the state soon. Within the next 15 days, there will be deliberations on the defeat and reviews at all levels, leading to many anticipated changes in the state Congress organization.

During th

e elections, there was a lack of coordination between local MLAs, officials, and the organization in many areas. Many officials did not actively participate, contributing to the party’s poor performance. This issue will also be a focal point in the upcoming review meeting.

According to party sources, significant organizational changes are being prepared in the coming days. The blame for the defeats in the assembly and Lok Sabha elections will be addressed, as no one has yet taken moral responsibility for the losses. All eyes are now on Delhi for decisions regarding these crucial organizational changes.

Manish Tiwari

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