Chamber of Commerce Calls Off Strike Against Baloda Bazar Violence in Chhattisgarh

0Seven-member team of Congress reaches Giraudpuri0

The Chamber of Commerce and Industries had called off the strike scheduled for Thursday in protest against the violence in Baloda Bazar, Chhattisgarh. This decision came after the newly appointed Collector and SP took strict action against the perpetrators. Meanwhile, a seven-member Congress investigation team visited the Satnami community’s religious site in Giraudpuri and performed rituals at the Amar Cave.
Dr. Shiv Kumar Dahariya, the coordinator of the investigation team, stated that despite the damage to the Jaitkham, an FIR was not initially filed. The community demanded a committee to investigate the matter, but the government did not comply. The three individuals who were arrested were granted bail and are now absconding. When the community protested, the government formed an investigation committee. Dahariya emphasized that this was an insult to the Satnami community and the people of Chhattisgarh.
He further accused the BJP of persecuting the Satnami community more than Aurangzeb ever did, claiming that the BJP has always been against the Satnami community.
After these remarks, the investigation team proceeded to the site of the incident. The team includes State Congress President Deepak Baij, Leader of Opposition Charan Das Mahant, former CM Bhupesh Baghel, several senior leaders, and all MLAs.
In response to government accusations, former minister Guru Rudra Kumar stated that three ministers had accused him of conspiracy, and he came forward to offer his arrest voluntarily. He demanded an apology from the ministers, threatening a defamation case if they did not comply. Guru Rudra Kumar arrived at the Raipur SSP office on Wednesday to surrender.
He claimed that such a significant incident could not have been caused by the Satnami community, suggesting it was a BJP conspiracy to defame them. He asserted that the movement was peaceful and that the incident was a scheme to divide the community. He expressed a desire to uncover the truth.
Earlier, the government had accused Congress of orchestrating political unrest behind the violence, alleging that Congress MLAs, former ministers, and leaders incited the people. The government also mentioned recovering damages from those responsible for the violence.
On the night of May 15, the Jaitkham, a religious symbol, was damaged at Baghinh Gufa, located 5 km from the Satnami community’s holy site, Giraudpuri Dham. In protest, thousands of community members demonstrated at Dussehra Ground near the Collectorate for several days.

The police arrested three individuals and sent them to jail, but the protesters claimed that the real culprits were still at large and accused the police of shielding the guilty. During a protest on Monday, tensions escalated, leading to further unrest.
The rioters set fire to 75 motorcycles, 20 cars, and two fire engines, and vandalized vehicles at the Collectorate, which was also set on fire. This resulted in the destruction of many important documents. The protesters even hoisted a white flag on the flagpole in front of the Collector’s office.
Clashes between the protesters and police resulted in injuries on both sides. Deputy CM Vijay Sharma visited the site late Monday night to assess the situation, and Chief Minister Vishnu Deo Sai ordered the arrest of the rioters.

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